NAD IV Therapy: Elevate Your Health and Wellness Journey with Solea Medical Spa & Beauty Lounge

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NAD IV Therapy

Unlock the potential of your body and mind with NAD IV Therapy at Solea Medical Spa & Beauty Lounge. Boost your energy levels. Focus on rejuvenation, health improvement, and recovery with this innovative procedure. Experience for yourself the strength and effectiveness of the Myers cocktail and other comprehensive solutions.

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    What is NAD IV Drip Therapy?

    NAD IV is a cutting-edge method for enhancing brain function and overall body health. At its core, it utilizes the powerful compound nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), delivered directly into the bloodstream.
    NAD+ is a vital molecule playing a crucial role in energy production and maintaining the health of our cells. By replenishing NAD levels in the body through IV therapy, you can boost energy levels, support cellular function, and improve overall well-being.
    Experience the incredible benefits of NAD+ IV therapy. Feel the rejuvenating impact it can have on your body and mind.

    How does NAD+ IV Therapy work?

    First, you get comfortably situated. Then, through a vein in your arm, a vitamin composition containing NAD Drip is administered. This process is well tolerated and does not cause discomfort.

    Once inside the cells, NAD+ promotes an increase in cellular energy production. DNA repair mechanisms are activated, contributing to maintaining health at a molecular level.

    Benefits of NAD+ IV

    • Helps you feel more energetic, alert, and ready for new achievements.
    • Enhances cognitive functions, increases focus and clarity of mind, enabling you to perform at your maximum potential.
    • Provides anti-aging effects, supporting cell health and protecting them from age-related damage.
    • Supports brain health, improving memory and overall mental state.
    • Contributes to strengthening the immune system, helping the body to ward off diseases and infections.
    • NAD Plus IV Drip has shown promising results in treating drug addiction. It reduces cravings, alleviates withdrawal symptoms, and supports overall recovery efforts.

    NAD IV or personal intake of supplements/drugs – which is better?

    We unequivocally recommend NAD IV to our clients as it ensures direct and fast delivery of the molecule into the bloodstream. When taking drugs and supplements orally, they must pass through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. This is a slower and less efficient process. A significant portion of the drug or supplement can be lost or broken down along the way.

    Intravenous administration, on the other hand, bypasses the digestive system, meaning that a larger portion of the administered dose can be utilized by the body.

    To enhance the effects of IV NAD treatment, additional procedures or protocols can be used. For example, creating a ‘vitamin cocktail’ that includes various vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants. This provides a comprehensive approach to improving the body’s health.

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    Who can benefit from NAD IV Drip?

    NAD IV Therapy is beneficial for those who:

    1. Suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. NAD+ IV increases mitochondrial production, reducing CFS symptoms.
    2. Aim to enhance focus and mental clarity. The cocktail drip can improve cognitive abilities, including focus, mental clarity, and memory.
    3. Experience cognitive decline. NAD Plus is a potential method of treating neurodegenerative diseases. It accelerates cellular energy exchange and reduces the effects of oxidative stress, thereby improving brain function.
    4. Struggle with addiction. Infusion therapy helps to minimize withdrawal symptoms. It reduces cravings for drugs and promotes brain function recovery.
    5. Seek anti-aging techniques. Vitamin cocktails promote cellular rejuvenation, potentially providing anti-aging benefits and improving overall well-being.
    6. Recover from workouts, illnesses, surgeries. The body receives all the necessary nutrients in the right volume. Enhanced energy production is maintained, which helps recovery faster.
    7. Care about their health and want to improve their overall condition. You don`t necessarily have to wait for any problems to experience all the benefits of NAD infusion. It is often used as a preventive measure. It contributes to the strengthening of cell health, energy increase, and maintenance of various physiological processes.

    Our Approach and Qualification

    Solea Medical Spa & Beauty Lounge offers its clients:

  • A personalized approach. We will select a vitamin cocktail that is right for you!
  • A qualified staff with valid certificates.
  • A comfortable, relaxing environment at our Beauty Lounge, so you feel at ease during your session.
  • Single or complex sessions, designed exclusively for your needs.
  • NAD IV therapy cost

    Each person’s needs are different. This affects the composition of the NAD drip and the final cost of the procedure. The cost of the procedure will depend on the complex of vitamins and minerals you choose.


    • How often should I receive NAD+?

      The frequency of NAD IV sessions can vary depending on your specific goals and health condition. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional to create an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs

    • Is NAD IV therapy safe?

      Yes, NAD Drip is considered safe if administered by a qualified medical professional. This method of therapy has been used for several decades with minimal side effects.

    • Are there any precautions or special instructions for NAD IV use?

      Before starting, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional who can assess your medical history and determine if this treatment is suitable for you. Additionally, to enhance the effects of therapy, it is necessary to maintain a proper diet before and after its administration.

    • How long does a NAD+ IV Drip Therapy session take?

      On average, it takes 1 hour. It may vary depending on individual needs and protocols.

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