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Salt Room Therapy Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy is a natural remedy that involves inhaling pharmaceutical-grade dry salt in a comfortable, controlled environment.
As you sit back and relax, a special medical device called a Halogenerator will disperse microscopic salt particles into the room. You will inhale these tiny particles deep into your airways and lungs and they will also land on your skin.
Suitable for babies, children and adults, salt therapy can help soothe a long list of skin, respiratory and lifestyle conditions.
What conditions can salt therapy help?
Salt therapy can help relieve the symptoms of skin, respiratory and lifestyle conditions, including:
• Asthma
• Eczema & Psoriasis
• Hay Fever
• Sinusitis
• Cold & Flu
• Sleep & Snoring
• Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue
• Sports Performance

What are the origins of salt therapy?

The benefits of salt therapy were first discovered in 1843 in Poland, where workers in underground salt mines suffered fewer respiratory issues.

By chiseling and grinding the salt, the miners produced micro-sized particles of salt that were dispersed into the air of the mine and then inhaled.

What makes salt effective?

Dry salt is super absorbent and has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Once inhaled, the salt causes your mucus to thin and liquefy, making it easier to dislodge and expel – along with pathogens, debris and pollutants.

Dry salt particles also gently stimulate your body’s natural cilia movement. Cilia help keep our airways clear of mucus and dirt, so we can breathe with ease. But with the help of salt, this process is accelerated. Think of salt like a toothbrush for your airways, cleaning out mucus, debris and pathogens.

For the skin, dry salt can absorb impurities, regulate the pH level and promote your skin’s ‘good’ bacteria. It improves the skin’s protective properties, reducing inflammation and encouraging natural exfoliation and regeneration.

How does salt therapy work at our Spa?

When you enter our salt room doors, you will escape to a world of healing and serenity. Each session runs for 45 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to unwind – without it interfering with your busy schedule.

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